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Billet Information

Become a Billet Family

Host a Carolina JR CANES

player this season!

Every season our hockey program will welcome players from around the world to become part of our organization. Our out of town players want to experience their time away from their families in a caring home environment, and to have a home away from home.   Players reside with local families known as "billet" or "host" families and provided room and board during the hockey season for a monthly stipend.  Players immerse themselves into the families and quickly become a part of them. The lifelong friendships developed between players and their host families are invaluable. Billet families are carefully matched to fit your family's needs.   We are currently looking for families to host our Carolina Jr. Hurricane players. Please contact our Billet Coordinator for more information.

Courtnie Gaylord

Billet Coordinator

Phone: 919-669-2749

  • Players are matched to families
  • Billet family receives $450.00 per player each month 
  • Junior hockey players provide mentorship to youth hockey players
  • Ongoing support from the Carolina Jr. Hurricane's staff to ensure successful billet experience


Q: What makes a great billet?

A: A caring and supportive family! It can be overwhelming for a player to be so far away from home. A thoughtful billet family appreciates that each player is unique and that communication and mutual understanding take effort.

Q: May a family host more than one player?

A: Yes. Two ( or more) players can share transportation expenses, and often times provide camaraderie for one another. All of our players fill out a detailed application and must comply with specific guidelines for behavior and academic performance.

Q:  What am I expected to provide?

A: We ask that you provide: 

  • A separate room and closet for a player, or shared room and bath if hosting more than one player.
  • Nutritious meals (Players are responsible for meal expenses when traveling)
  • A caring and friendly home atmosphere
  • The same guidance and attention you would want for your children

Process and Timeline for Becoming a Billet Family


1.  Complete Billet Family Form:  This provides us information about your family that will help match players to billet family.


2.  Billet Coordinator will begin process to match players to families.  


3.  Families (player and billet) connect through a phone interview where questions can be asked.  If the billet family feels the player is a good fit for their family, the billet family gets the final decision to host.


4.  Background check on adults in billet family.

Mid August

5. Billets move in, dates will depend on if they are attending local high schools. 

Importance of Billeting

The Hockey News share a story about the importance of a billeting family and what it means to the player.

Do's and Don'ts When it Comes to Housing a Junior Hockey Player

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